Everest Helicopter Tour Cost – Detail Idea

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Are you interested to know how much does it cost for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour? Everest Helicopter Tour cost depends on various factors like; your group size, Flight Season and flight duration.

Everest Helicopter Tour is an ideal package for the time bounded peoples who has keen interest of exploring the Nepal Himalayas. In the recent years its popularity is getting at the peak level. This Heli Tour to Everest lets you explore the highest mountain of the world, just in few hours. The Heli Tour to Everest offers incredible mountain Panorama along with mesmerizing rolling hills.

Everest Helicopter Tour cost depends on various factors like; your group size, Flight Season, Duration etc. Maximum number of 6 peoples can join Everest Helicopter Tour as one group. As you share the Helicopter your cost will also be shared and you can complete Everest Helicopter Tour in comparatively low cost. Another major factor that determines your cost of Heli tour is travel season. Autumn and spring are the busiest travel season in Nepal; it’s very difficult to get Helicopter during these seasons. So, the cost will also increase as the demand increases. Normally, Everest Helicopter Tour completes in 3 to 4 hours, but if you want to extend the flight hours, your cost of Chartered Helicopter will increase.

Helicopter Charter Cost Details:

3 persons Cost US$ 4,000
6 Persons Cost US$ 4,500
On Group Joining US$ 1,400 per person

Helicopter Charter Cost

We can manage a Helicopter Tour in Charter Helicopter for maximum 6 peoples from Kathmandu to Syangboche. The carrying capacity of Helicopter decreases at high altitude. So when flying to Kalapathar from Syangboche and vice versa, we need two shuttle.

Charter Cost depends on your group size; it is US$ 4000 for 3 persons and US$ 4500 for 6 persons.
If you join a group you can complete the Heli Tour in US$1400 per person.

Group Joining Helicopter Cost

Group Joining is a good idea to decrease your personal cost of Chartered Helicopter. Everest helicopter tour cost shares with the total persons flying on the same helicopter. The Maximum number of 6 peoples can join in one group. This will divide the total cost into six equal halves.

You can check our fixed departure dates and join a group easily. It is not necessary to have your own group for Helicopter Tour; we will help you in find a suitable group for you. You will get a chance to meet and interact with the new friends of different parts of the world. This will make your Tour more exciting.

Our Helicopter Tour to Everest Departs only when the minimum group is complete.

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