Top 3 Reasons of Helicopter Crash in Nepal

Most of our articles are focused on helicopter tour packages, interesting facts about helicopter flight and the luxurious feelings of helicopter ride. This article is different one and gives you an idea about helicopter crash in Nepal. It describes about some of the major reasons of heli crash in Nepal. You will get plenty of idea about heli accidents in Nepal.

Nepal is geographically diverse country and the altitude varies from 60 meters to 8848 meters range from the sea level. So it’s like a dream destination to enjoy the beauty of nature with in short time and very small coverage area. Travelling to the remote parts of hills and mountain region is almost not possible for most of the people. It takes lots of time and efforts. It needs more money also. Though, there is an optional way to exploring the remote but beautiful parts of the country is by helicopter ride. So for emergency rescue or any VIP movement in the distance location by helicopter charter flight is the common and easy way.

However the helicopter flights are easy and comfortable one, it’s bit risky one for the remote part travelling. Some helicopter ride package such as Everest Helicopter tour, Annapurna Helicopter tour and Langtang helicopter tour are the best option to reach the remote base camp of mountain to explore the real geography of Nepal.

Helicopter flights in Nepal sometime get crash and become the cause of loss of life and wealth. So helicopter crashing some cause in the mountain region is described below:

Some of the major 3 cause of helicopter crash in Nepal are:

Bad Weather:

Most of the heli crashes was caused by the bad weather in Nepal. The weather in mountain region is frequently changing. So the helicopter flight also affects due to the bad weather. Dark cloud and foggy weather obstacles on vision. Low visibly or sometimes zero visibility makes the pilot to fly in dark which cause the helicopter strikes the hills and grounds. Sometimes it strike in the trees. The major cause of helicopter crash in Nepal is frequently changing weather which makes the visibility of pilot poor cause the accident.

Helicopter are small in size and it’s difficult to balance the trunk in strong winds. To prevent the shaking of helicopter during the fly, pilot tries to fly on the low altitude closer to the hills and mountains. If the visibility becomes problem, then helicopter goes into the accident at that time.

Technical Problem:

Helicopters are light weight and most of them are single engine. If some technical problem occurs in the helicopter engine or any part of the body, helicopter may cash. Sometimes direction showing tools such as compass or GPS does not work, helicopter might lost in the sky. Communication with the control tower might loss sometimes. So these technical issues might cause problem.

In Nepal some of the helicopters are very old and they might be problem in any time. Technical problem of engine, wings or other tools may cause the helicopter accident.

Human Mistakes:

Skilled manpower such as pilot, engineer and crew members’ small mistake might cause in big problem. Some accidents are caused by the pilot’s mistake. Sometimes the helicopter crashes due to the lack of sufficient fuel. The technical problem created by of the human resource becomes the cause of helicopter crash in Nepal. There are some facts of helicopter crashes due to the mistakes of pilot. Over confinement pilots were in accidents. They fly on bad weather also and risky areas. So human mistakes is the third important cause of heli crash in Nepal.


There are 365 days in a year. There are hundreds of helicopter flights in Nepal per day. Most of the time the flights are safe and best way to travel. Sometime in a year or long run, helicopter crashes happens and it becomes the big issue. Nobody knows how safe is life but we can prevent some accident with our small care. So be wise before we ride the helicopter flight and never force to fly in difficult situation. Mountain area are very risky to fly in bad weather. Visibility is the most important part for the safe and comfortable helicopter flights in Nepal.

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