COVID-19 Patient Transfer by Helicopter

Nepal Helicopter Service Pvt Ltd offers Corona (Covid -19) Patient Rescue by Helicopter service in Nepal. In the emergency condition of patient transfer from different part of Nepal, we arrange helicopter and medical team with necessary equipment.

Covid-19 virus has suffered greatly to Nepalese after the second wave. Large number of Nepalese people are facing health problem due to Corana virus in Nepal.

Due to the lack of sufficient hospitals and clinics, Nepali people are facing different kinds of problem in normal condition. After the pandemic condition of COVID, shortage of critical care in local hospital facilities and resources, large number of patients needs an emergency transport from one hospital to another. For appropriate care, patients need access to hospitals in the centrally-located capital city of Kathmandu. Helicopter rescue is only the ultimate solution for COVID patient transfer.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) which began in 2013 in Nepal is now used by major hospital in Kathmandu. Private helicopter companies are providing emergency medical rescue for CORONA patients in Nepal.

Hospitals like HAMS, Mediciti, Grande and Vayoda are providing such type of services by arranging the helicopter landing facility on their roof.

The Government of Nepal and the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) permitted some helicopter companies to transport infected Corona virus patients in compliance with the Ministry of Health and Population and the WHO Standards’ health and safety requirements.

Simrik Air is the first helicopter company to offer air ambulance services for COVID-19 positive patients.  Now, Simrik air, Manang Helicopter, Altitude Air and Kailash helicopter are providing air ambulance with dedicated doctor team for COVID-19 positive patients.

Process of COVID-19 Positive Patient Transfer by Helicopter

  • Confirm your patient’s condition for air lifting is possible or not
  • Confirm the hospital you want to transfer
  • Confirm a helicopter and dedicated doctor team
  • Confirm the helicopter for flight permission
  • Transfer your patient to hospital or airport

Air Ambulance Helicopter

The patient is accommodated by removing the co-pilot seat and raising the back seat. The mandatory equipment taken for each case includes

  • A transport ventilator
  • Cardiac monitor
  • Medication pump
  • Polymer bag mattress
  • and Medication bag

 The flight medical team consists of

  • an emergency physician and
  • Either a paramedic or nurse.