Helicopter Rescue in Nepal

We offer helicopter rescue service in Nepal with our experienced rescue pilot and crew members. Our heli rescue service in Nepal from the remote part of the Himalayas to save people from emergency cases.

Helicopter Rescue for Altitude Sickness Case

In the Himalayas during trekking, and climbing altitude sickness might become the problem which might take the life of the trekker/climber. Altitude sickness and other types of emergency case needs emergency rescue from the remote part of the Himalayas in order to save life. We offer emergency medical evacuation and rescue service in Nepal. Furthermore, we are arranging several medical evacuation and rescue flights in Nepal and saved thousands of life.

Helicopter rescue is the fastest and best way for the medical evacuation in the remote part of Nepal. Since we are dedicated in saving lives, medevac or rescue flights are the most frequent operations we carry out. Out experienced and professional pilot provides the most reliable, effective and time saving helicopter rescue service by specialists rescue team.

Altitude sickness during trekking or climbing high mountains and passes can cause the trekkers because of the high elevation. For those who suffered from the altitude sickness needs to recover as soon as possible by taking them to the lower altitude and hospitalize them for the further cure. To save life helicopter rescue operation is the most necessary task to save life. Sometimes the location is not found during the rescue. So we have high flying effective helicopters and highly trained pilots and rescue personnel for search and rescue operation in the Himalayas.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Flying people needing immediate medical attention is the fastest and most efficient method of transporting. Medevac is used for seriously ill people, people living in remote place with difficult access to medical facilities or for people whose medical needs could not be accomplished by ground ambulance.

Since, Nepal is mountainous country, transportation access is very difficult. Most of the places are not yet touched by road or those touched are also difficult and usually take long hours to travel due to hilly roads or road conditions.

So, Nepal desperately needs active medical evacuation operations throughout the year. Air Dynasty, Simrik Air, Manang Air are been actively working for the medevac and helping people get immediate transporting assistance.

Popular Destinations for Helicopter Rescue in Nepal

Due to the altitude increases in the Himalayas while traveling, altitude symptoms may arise and emergency rescue is necessary. We are offering rescue service from Everest, Annapurna, Makalu, Manaslu, Kanchejunga, Narphu, Upper Dolpo and Langtang areas. Everest region is the most popular destination of Nepal for helicopter rescue. Many travelers visit the Everest area and the altitude increasing rate is high in Everest. So, Helicopter rescue from Everest is most popular one.
Rescue from Annapurna and  Langtang region is second popular destinations. Manaslu area is the third popular helicopter rescue destination in Nepal.
We offer helicopter rescue service from all over Nepal. Just call us for emergency medical rescue in Nepal.

Helicopter Rescue Insurance

For any kind of emergency cases that might arise during your trekking and climbing, helicopter rescue service might be needed. So you are suggested to buy a insurance plan that can cover the helicopter rescue. Helicopter rescue insurance will save your life and big amount of money. Normally a rescue service of helicopter  will be more than USD 1000.

Rescue from Everest by Helicopter

There have been many disasters during Everest Expedition; many expeditors have lost their lives while some have been successfully rescued, too. In the beginning period of Rescue (2008 and earlier) only Nepal Army used to rescue peoples from Everest but recently private Airline Companies have also started their rescue operation in Everest with good results.

Rescue from Manaslu by Helicopter

Makalu is the eight Highest Mountain in the world with an altitude of 8,163 meters. Every year thousands of people treks in this region and return with lifetime unforgettable memories. But all the days are not same and all peoples can’t face the high altitude.

Rescue from Makalu by Helicopter

Makalu is the fifth highest mountain in the world with an altitude of 8,485 meters. Makalu Region sees very few trekkers as compared to Everest and Annapurna Region because of its hard accessibility. But, Makalu region also rewards you with stunning views of giant Himalayan Ranges and tantalizing sunrise/sunsets over them. The rolling hills and lush forest are admirable.

Rescue from Kanchenjunga by Helicopter

Mount Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world and is very famous trekking destinations among the international and domestic trekkers. Kanchenjunga Trekking takes you to the eastern remote land of Nepal near Sikkim, India.

Rescue from Annapurna by Helicopter

Annapurna Region is the most famous and relatively easy trekking as compared to Everest Region Trekking. Its fame has been spread throughout the world, which is the main reason behind its increasing popularity in world tourism market. Every year thousands people treks in Annapurna Region and observe the tempting views of Giant Himalayas along with other incredible natural beauties.

COVID-19 Patient Transfer by Helicopter

Nepal Helicopter Service Pvt Ltd offers Corona (Covid -19) Patient Rescue by Helicopter service in Nepal. In the emergency condition of patient transfer from different part of Nepal, we arrange helicopter and medical team with necessary equipment.