Lobuche to Lukla Helicopter Flight

1700 USDPrivate Charter

Trip Detail:

Trip Type: Private Charter

Group Size: Max 4 Persons

Total Weight Limit: 300kgs

Starts from: Lobuche Helipad

Ends At: Lukla Airport Helipad

Flight Duration: 20-25 minutes

Sharing Cost: US$ 500 per person (Only possible on tourist season - please call to confirm)

Lobuche to Lukla Helicopter Flight: An Unforgettable Journey

If you've had the adventure of trekking to the heart of the Himalayas, you might know the small but significant places called Lobuche and Lukla. Lobuche, a major stopping point for trekkers heading to the Everest Base Camp, and Lukla, the place known for having one of the most dangerous airports in the world, Tenzing-Hillary Airport. Many trekkers and climbers find themselves wanting a faster and more comfortable return journey, which brings us to the exhilarating option of a helicopter flight. Let's dive deeper into this incredible experience!

Distance between Lobuche to Lukla

The distance from Lobuche to Lukla is roughly 27 kilometers (or about 17 miles) in a straight line. However, on foot, this trek takes about two days with an overnight stop, usually in Pheriche or Dingboche. The helicopter ride, on the other hand, is incredibly swift and takes only a matter of minutes, letting you admire the breathtaking Himalayan landscape from a bird's eye view.

Why Helicopter Flight from Lobuche to Lukla?

There are several reasons why adventurers might choose to take a helicopter ride from Lobuche to Lukla:

  1. Speed and Convenience: After days or even weeks of trekking, some trekkers wish for a quicker and less strenuous way back. The helicopter trip provides just that.
  2. Safety: The trail can be unpredictable with weather changes, and those who are fatigued or affected by altitude might find a helicopter ride safer.
  3. Experience: Flying amidst the towering peaks of the Himalayas is a unique and awe-inspiring experience. Seeing the expansive landscapes, deep valleys, and colossal mountains from above is indescribable.

Cost for the Private Charter and Group Sharing Ride

There are two primary ways to experience this helicopter flight: a private charter or a group sharing ride.

Private Charter

For those seeking a more personalized and intimate experience, a private charter might be the best option. With this choice, you and your group will have the helicopter all to yourselves, allowing for a more tailored experience. The cost for this luxury? USD 1700 for the whole ride.

Group Joining Cost

If you're traveling solo, on a tighter budget, or simply don't mind sharing the ride with other adventurers, the group joining option is ideal. This ride allows individuals or smaller groups to share the helicopter, dividing the cost among all passengers. The cost per person for this shared experience is USD 500.

Cost Based on the Group Size

No. of Persons Price (Per Person)
1 $1600 USD
1-3 $800 USD
1-4 $425 USD
1-5 $500 USD

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