Rescue from Annapurna by Helicopter

Rescue from Annapurna

We offer rescue from Annapurna region by helicopter flight. If you are in emergency condition and need medical evacuation by helicopter, please contact us.

Annapurna Region is the most famous and relatively easy trekking as compared to Everest Region Trekking. Its fame has been spread throughout the world, which is the main reason behind its increasing popularity in world tourism market. Every year thousands people treks in Annapurna Region and observe the tempting views of Giant Himalayas along with other incredible natural beauties.

Additionally, Trekking to Annapurna Region is a sweet way to explore the Gurung lifestyles and learn more about their traditions, cultures and religious aspects. You will feel proud during each step of trekking. The big hearted Gurung welcomes you with warm greetings and heart full of love.

Though the trekking is easier than Everest Region Trekking, you may face Altitude sickness or any other unusual health problems sometimes, don’t get nervous, if you feel uncomfortable immediately contact your guide or any Team member. You can also contact us for safe evacuation to hospital.

As soon as you confirm the location, we will reach there with our chartered helicopter and take you to the hospital, nearby. Our helicopter will pick you up and lands on the nearby hospital there our Ambulance will be on standby position, then you will be admitted to nearest hospital. If the case is serious, we will directly take you to the Hospital.